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Frances Noon

 I combine base metals, copper & brass, with wood which allows me to use colour in my work.

I hand texture the metal using the rolling mill & by hammering, I have a variety of punches to draw with on the metal surface & I file the shapes around the edges. The metal parts are soldered together & then taken through an oxidisation process.


I spend equal amount of time sawing & sanding down wooden pieces. I use layer upon layer of paint to build up the coloured surface so it looks aged & worn.


The birds & animals are presented on a wooden framework, a plinth or peeping out of their own houses.


Melanie Deegan

 Melanie Deegan’s work is strongly influenced by the desire to capture movement and the medium lends itself to this particularly well. Each sculpture is unique, starting as an idea which is then outlined in wire to develop the design and create an armature before t layers of Jesmonite are built up to produce the final piece

Sculptures vary from around 10cm high to almost any size and larger pieces can be created for gardens and outdoor locations. Most sculptures are inspired by images from photographs, film or real life events but Melanie also works on commissions and can produce pieces to a specific design requirement.

Amanda Rachel Toms

Small ceramic sculptures that  have many layers of inspiration, from childhood memories to reseach into the spiritual significance given to boats in many cultures around the world.  They are hand built from ceramic clay with added paper fibres for green strength and are fired many times in an electric kiln using layers of slip, oxides and glaze to achieve intensely rich and varied surfaces.

Dennis Fairweather

Dennis Fairweather creates individual ceramic sculptures in his studio at Freshwater Bay.  He often uses glazes in such a way that the finished piece has the appearance of a cast bronze.  They are suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Karen Fawcett

Lifelike bird and animal sculptures inspired by detailed study of creatures of the British countryside

Frances Noon

Small sculptural works individually made from copper and brass with designs punched onto the surface, they incorporate wooden parts which she paints and distresses by hand

Paul Jenkins

Cold cast bronze from original sculptures.  Enormously popular series which captures the essential characteristics of the animals he portrays

Paul Chapman

Rescues interesting pieces of old wood and gives it new form. Using a scroll saw he uses cutting, stacking and laminating techniques to create his nautilus sculptures. Old doors, antique broken ladders, unwanted furniture, an old zebra wood work top, all are transformed through his original approach to 'upcycling'.

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Individual pieces of 3D art can say so much.  In your home or in your garden, a whole new perspective will come into existence when you place that particular piece, in that particular place.  No matter what the scale. 

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