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Covid-19- Déjà vu

Well here we go again, getting ready to re-open Yarmouth Gallery, only this time we already have all our Covid-19 safety measures in place, so we can concentrate on Christmas - Hurrah!

Mary Clemmensen and Anne will have fun tomorrow rearranging things to create a festive feeling. We have some great Christmas cards and far too many lovely Advent Calendars (can't possibly sell them in time to open the first window- tomorrow, so we will reduce them to half price.)

If you are looking for something original/ beautiful/ designer made/long-lasting, Yarmouth Gallery is on the case. Artists' prints, glass, ceramics, jewellery and more - oh yes, and Mary Clemmensen is showing two of her original paintings. The first oil paintings she has shown at our gallery, though she has been associated with us for many years.

Although from the IW, Mary originally built her reputation as a professional artist during her years living in Sweden, and we are very happy to be showing her work here in Yarmouth. Go to to read more about her. Here are a few images of just some of the art work currently on display at the gallery.

We hope you will drop in to see us sometime between 2nd December and 1s January - or contact us by email if you can't get here but have an idea of something you would like more info on.

Stay safe


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