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Just for the pleasure

A day of sunshine and April showers – well hailstones actually – and huge piles of cumulus cloud gleaming in the spring sunshine as they build on the horizon only to transform into dark, threatening storm clouds as they pass overhead. We were drenched several times today, what joy, spring!

Tomorrow Yarmouth Gallery re-opens again and hope is bubbling up everywhere in Yarmouth. Our pavement sign is back outside Harwoods Chandlery, and the gallery is spruced up and looking its freshest best.

Mary Clemmensen has worked with me for the past seven days, rubbing and scrubbing, reorganizing and unpacking new work – we've had great fun – David has hung Brian Dawson's carved wood seagulls from the lighting track, we've added touches of colour to plinths, just for pleasure, and now we are ready to see you all again, we've missed you. Do come.

Here are some of the photos Mary took on her phone on Saturday.


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