YG exhibits the work of around 35 ceramics artists, including  some of the Isle of Wight's leading potters, such as Molly Attrill and Neil Tregear alongside other well established ceramics artists from around UK.

Amanda Rachel Toms

slab built and thrown ceramics

works with clay and wire to re-create images and memories garnered from a childhood spent on the Isle of Wight.  Often fires the piece many times to acheive subtle and complex glazes.

Peter Levy

Sculptural Raku

A mastery of the technique of Raku defines Peter Levy's  work, with its rich, crackled and smokey glazes. The technique involves  removing ceramics from the kiln during the firing process, whilst they are still hot causing them the glaze to craze. They are then placed into flammable material such as woodshavings or sawdust, which ignites and smoulders against the crazed glaze, thus creating distin...

Molly Attrill

Earthenware, majolica & slip

Molly Attrill first trained as an apprentice with Michael Leach at Yelland Manor Potter, North Devon, and then at The West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham, under Henry Hammond (1974/77).  

After working as a ‘journeyman’ thrower in studios in France and Canada, she set up her own pottery in 1982 in an old grain barn at Mersley Farm, Newchurch, Isle of Wight where she worked exclusively...

Sally Woodford

Raku fired ceramics

"Using hand building methods means each piece evolves slowly, enabling it to develop its own character, to become individual while still retaining evidence of the maker. The technical challenges of working with clay and fire provides an endless fascination, each piece I complete proves to be the catalyst for the next.

Numerous other cultures and artists have influenced and inspired this body of wo...

Firestone Studios

hand thrown & painted

Light hearted designs from the newly established IW studio of Kirstie & Paul Hayler.  Kirstie trained at Brighton School of Art, gaining a BA Hons. degree in fine art painting. She loves working with clay, "my body and my mind have to be utterly focused in the creation of this perfect, and gloriously messy, form".  Paul is expert at the technical processes of mixing glazes.

Rupert Blamire

Functional Ceramics

Ceramics for cooks and kitchens.  Highly funtional ceramics with gorgeously colourful, high gloss glazes.


Raku fired ceramics

New to Yarmouth Gallery this year. Exquisitely hand crafted Raku fired ceramic vessels and bowls inspired by sea and coast. 

Dennis Fairweather

Sculptural Ceramics

Every piece Dennis Fairweather makes has great originality.  His vaguely amorphic lamps are absolutely unique, each with its own experimental glaze.  Dennis just never stops experimenting and innovating.

Kirsty Hannah Brown

sculptural Ceramics

Hand built from a variety of stoneware clays, the slab built bottles are thinly rolled to create finished pieces that are light and elegant. Coiled bottles are spherical in form, but differ due to the nature of the construction method.  
The bottles are reminiscent of human forms having defined shoulders and narrow necks.  Glazes and decorations evoke landscapes, beaches, seascapes: I use a dry tu...

Michelle Freemantle

Studio Ceramics

 Uses a mix of handbuilt, press mould and thrown techniques  inscribing lines and text into the surfaces  and applying slips and oxides


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