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Richard Wilson Ceramics

Richard Wilson's gloriously colourful ceramics are a favourite with YG and we have featured his work throughout August/ into September. This was picked up by 'Style of Wight', the Island's award winning lifestyle magazine, which places great emphasis on the arts. Featuring an artist based, not on the Island but in West Dorset is a first for the magazine and great for us. Do pick up one of their free copies from one of the big stores or newsagents around the Island, it is well worth a read - or google them at Style of Wight and visit them on line.

Richard's current work has a strong emphasis on slip decoration, with bold, abstract designs overlaid with slip-trailed patterns. He produces a wide range of domestic ware as well as larger, "one-off" vases and plates. Recently Richard has been working on flat form pots, some in black and others have textures on them to reflect the ruggedness of the coast where he works. These slipware pots have a direct connection to the tradition in England of applying designs as done hundreds of years ago, brought up to date with fresh colours and lively patterns.

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