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Julie Sajous, New Work

A whole world of color in just 6"x 6". I have just added 12 new mixed media paintings by Julie Sajous to our on line shop.

Endlessly and apparently effortlessly creative - beautiful and original imagery seems to flow from this artist, each painting having its own unique inspiration and identity. Julie Sajous draws on the colours and shapes of boatyards, estuary and downs to construct these tiny abstract paintings. They are intended to be hung in groups. Groups that can be added to or reconfigured - a triptych maybe - or four in a row - or hung in a grid. Julie Sajous would like you to choose your own combinations, to add your creativity to her own. I have attached four images, You can see the whole new collection on www.yarmouthgallery/buyart or visit the gallery, we are open all year.

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