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Preparing for re-opening

Suddenly re-opening seems to be an imminent possibility and we are taking steps to see how we can do so safely, both for our customers and for us. We are ordering a perspex screen for the desk. Hand sanitiser will be in plentiful supply, and anti bacterial wipes for frequent cleaning of sufaces. We are looking at changing the layout to open up more floor space and create a one way system around the gallery. There will be restricted access, particularly to the card shop area and we would like visitors to wear a face covering for the protection of other customers and to avoid coughs or sneezes over the artwork!

A new volunteer, James, will be joining us to help make all this work.

It may take some time for the gallery and all Yarmouth's small traders to get through to self sufficiency and we hope very much that local support will be strong until our mainland visitors can safely return.

One thing is certain, we will not re-open until we are sure it is sensible to do so.

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