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High Hopes

Each day the Covid-19 statistics ease down the prospect of re-opening Yarmouth Gallery grows brighter. OK I know there is still a way to go, but it's nice to start planning and many of our regular contributors, who have been busy being creative throughout lockdown are sending me images of their latest work. Back in spring 2020, we introduced some fun wall hangings by potter, Kirsty Hayler, who was experimenting with combining ceramics with textiles. 'Moby Dick' and 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' were her first pieces, and were quickly snapped up.

'The Cornish Fisherman' is just one of her new themes for 2021. I thought I would share some of those, and another favourite, 'Baked in a Pie'. I hope you find them as amusing and light-hearted as I do.


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